TOP 7 best air coolers under 6000RS in India

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Top 7 Best Air Coolers Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

With sunshine at its peak, summers have finally arrived. Everyone is needed a cooling product in your home. There are a variety of coolers available in India. Coolers have become very famous in previous years, because coolers have easy maintenance and available at low prices.

7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

Coolers come with various ranges like Rs.5000-50,000+, If you are looking for a Cooler with a budget of Rs.6000 you are the right place.

Here are some list of Coolers Under Rs.6000 in india.

There are a couple of things matter before buying an air cooler.
Here are those :

Size: you must choose the air cooler depending on the scale of the water tank. Air coolers with smaller water tanks would need to be refilled frequently compared to the larger ones.

Portability: it’s better to buy an air cooler that has castor wheels. So, it’ll be very easy to move it around everywhere

Power: you must search for an air cooler that comes with inverter compatibility. And, it’s better if the air cooler require low power input

Coverage: looking at the dimensions, the air cooler will accompany various coverage. So, first off, you must measure the area/room where you’ll use it. And, then you must buy an air cooler suitable for that area

7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

1.Symphony Ice Cube Personal Room Air Cooler

Ice cube 27 is a high-efficiency personal room cooler of Symphony with honeycomb cooling pads available on three sides. it’s the first cooler by Symphony within the personal room cooler category. the most effective part of the air cooler for the house is that it goes well with all-climate and functions with the lowest levels of noise. Whether it’s a medium-sized living space, a large room, an outside area, a store or office, it’s the most effective model to satisfy all types of cooling needs.

Cool Flow Dispenser
Dura-pump Technology
Low Power Consumption
You can Use it Inside or Use it Outside

2.Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Room Air Cooler

Bajaj’s Platini PX97 Torque offers air coolers that are suitable for different climates and geographical locations. It comes with features like high air delivery and big water tank, the air coolers also offer effective cooling and sustained. Moreover, most air coolers of the Bajaj features modern technology for an efficient cooling experience. Bajaj’s all air coolers come with castor wheels which providing ease of movement of coolers in the home.\

Super Delivery of Air
Comes With Hexacool Technology
36ltrs of Big Water Tank
turbo Fan Technology
3 Side Cool Master

Hindware’s Snowcrest for the first time presents in India, the air cooler comes with changeable color panels. Hindware’s Snowcrest has an artistic mix of graceful snow-white coolers with soothing color on the front panel, to blend seamlessly with your interiors. Their distinguished slender & tall look, coupled with next-generation features like the anti-skid top cover, remote-controlled operation, shut louvers and power-packed performance, is bound to capture your heart. Moreover, Hindware’s Snowcrest can deliver air up to 1450m^3 per hour.

7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

3.Hindware 165 Snowcrest 24 H Personal Air Cooler

Anti-Skid Top Cover
Honey-Comb Pads
Inverter Compatibility
1-year Comprehensive Warranty

In Over list of 7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020 Symphony’s other cooler Ninja takes place. Symphony’s Ninja cooler is the perfect respite from the summer heat. Cooler is Small yet powerful, it is an ideal cooler for spot cooling. Its powerful air throw keeps room temperatures pleasant and cool during scorching summers. This stylish model is a perfect mix of good superb performance and quality. Whether it is suitable for a small urban room, a shop, office, or showroom, it is the best air cooler for a home to meet all kinds of cooling needs of coolers.

4.Symphony Ninja Personal Air Cooler

Symphony’s Ninja cooler powered by i-Pure technology including multistage air purification filters throws fresh and filtered cool air. It is a highly-effective air cooler that comes with a high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pad & cool flow dispenser, which gives superior cooling. It only consumes 105 watts of energy, it is considered as an energy-efficient unit. It comes with a water tank capacity of 17 liters.

Low Power Consumption
High-efficiency Honeycomb Cooling Pads
Dura-pump Technology
Cool Flow Dispenser

7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

5.Orient Electric Smartcool Personal Air Cooler

Orient Electric Smartcool air cooler offers superior cooling performance to suit your needs and uses honeycomb pads as cooling media. When it comes to forming and functionality, this cooler emerges out as a sheer winner. Orient Electric Smartcool air cooler’s ergonomic design fits perfectly in any corner of your room to cool down every corner of your room. The cooler has a capacity of 16 liters water tank, Orient Electric Smartcool air cooler delivers air at 1300 cubic meters per hour. The 3-speed control of this cooler lets you to adjust the speed as per your liking. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the unexpected power cuts, as this air cooler also runs on the inverter. Easier to maintain and economical to operate, Orient Electric Smartcool air cooler offers true value for money.

Comes with Honeycomb Pads
Cools up to 150 sqft area
Delivers 1300m3/hr Air
Has 3-speed control-High, Med or Low
Also has auto water fill feature

6.Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler
(Personal favorite)

Symphony has come up with a highly-efficient tower air cooler for the room. Designed in a sleek and compact manner, this cooler not only throws air at a higher point but also helps you enhance your decor with its smart and elegant design. You can put ice cubes in its integrated ice chamber to have exceptionally cooler air. Together with compact design, amazing color and ice chamber, it also has a water tank capacity of 12 liters and more, the cooler has multi-directional wheels that let you move it inside or outside your home without any hassle.

Ideal for 28 cubic meters room
1-year Warranty
300mm x 330 mm x 845 mm dimensions
Highly-effective honeycomb cooling pads

7 Best Air Coolers Available Under Rs.6000 In India 2020

7.Cello Gem Personal Air Cooler

Cello Gem Personal Air Cooler comes with international styling in personal cooler range and water inlet from the top and backside. It has a large approx 22-liter water tank capacity. It also has a powerful 11-inch fan blade that throws powerful air. it has built-in castors, no trolley required. Comes with effective 3 side honeycomb cooling pads, compatible with inverter, powerful surround cooling system ideal for small rooms and offices.

Powerful 11-inch fan blade
Powerful air throw
Water inlet from top and backside
Can works on invertor
These are the 7 Best Air Coolers Under Rs.6000 In India

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